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heart tree

Artist: Eduardo Pineda’s ENGAGE: Mural Arts class, Spring 2012, Eduardo Pineda, Luke Bair, Michael Barquero, Daniel Bortz, Elaine Casey, Rosanne Chan, Grace Fowler, Courtney Janvier, Bibi Kim, Brian Lei, Sean Sparks-Opperman, Carlsbad Oster, Susannah Rea-Downing, Haroldo Sagastume, Olivia Shih
Location: 601 City Center
Date Painted: 2012
Date Photographed: 2012
Description:tree with roots going into a planet. faint lights of buildings in the background. two anatomical hearts are connected by a rope- one on the top of the tree and one at the bottom. 4 nests in the tree- left to right they are blue eggs, then baby bird then medium sized and flying out of the nest. Under the tree are two naked figures.
Notes: Part of a 7-panel series painted on plywood panels on the construction site of 601 City Center by part of Eduardo Pineda’s ENGAGE: Mural Arts class, Spring 2012. More information available at the CCA Vault. These murals have been taken down. Image CC-BY-NC.
Picture of all murals in situ below.

all panels