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pigeon feeders

Artist: Eduardo Pineda’s ENGAGE: Mural Arts class, Spring 2012, Eduardo Pineda, Luke Bair, Michael Barquero, Daniel Bortz, Elaine Casey, Rosanne Chan, Grace Fowler, Courtney Janvier, Bibi Kim, Brian Lei, Sean Sparks-Opperman, Carlsbad Oster, Susannah Rea-Downing, Haroldo Sagastume, Olivia Shih
Location: 601 City Center
Date Painted: 2012
Date Photographed: 2012
Description: two people sitting on a bench with pigeons. Left side is dark and woman is sad, leaning on hand. Right side is daytime with sun, and the woman is younger, in same clothes, handing food to the woman on the right.
Notes: Part of a 7-panel series painted on plywood panels on the construction site of 601 City Center by part of Eduardo Pineda’s ENGAGE: Mural Arts class, Spring 2012. More information available at the CCA Vault. These murals have been taken down. Image CC-BY-NC.
Picture of all murals in situ below.

all panels