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You Are Beloved


Artist: Dime, Cece Carpio, Franceska Gámez, Priya Handa, Inbal Rubin
Location: 2200 International
Date Painted: August, 2020
Date Photographed: November, 2020
Description: “You are Beloved.” Three women- one like Sojourner Truth holding up a lantern, one with wings pouring out a bucket of water, one with mural and symbols. Altar with lilies, candles, flowers, shell, lace. From the artist:

“Oakland, Ca is a city known for its spirit of social justice, heart filled creativity, and divine compassion. And yet, upon its streets are children/youth who are brutalized everyday by systemic rape for profit. It is a dire fact that our beloved Oakland sits as a top hotspot for underaged sex trafficking in America. And during this time of COVID-19 we are witnessing high spikes in incidences of child sex trafficking. This, simply put, should not be.

As Abolitionists and Artists we sought to devise pathways to healing, in the face of the sheer volume of it all, through the provision of beauty and care. Healing always rises upon the wings of Art as it is infused with strong measures of love and grace. It is the ultimate acknowledgement of “I see you, and you are not forgotten.” -Regina Evans

Notes: Work in progress below
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