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Artist: Estria Miyashiro, Vogue TDK, Cece Carpio, Robert Trujillo, Josue Rojas, Mike Bam, Miguel Bounce Perez, DJ Agana, Dime and Youth Together.
Location: Broadway and 21st
Date Painted: 2011
Date Photographed: 2015
Photographer: Jay Galvin
Description: “Water writes.” waterfall. woman and children. underwater scene. ocean. person holding oak tree and hose. person holding reusable water bottle. person holding bike overhead. squirrel (?) character in chair. gems. trash or recycling. seagulls.
Per Cece Carpio, “The mural portrays everyday ways that young people in Oakland are choosing healthy alternatives and decisions that protect and conserve water.”
Notes: the majority of this mural has been bombed over More info:,,

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