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Date Painted: 2003
Date Photographed: April, 2021
Location: McClymonds High, 2607 Myrtle St
Description: Photo 1: photographs of soldiers with children, labeled with conflict locations: El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Balkans, Iraq, Palestine. “Is not a solution.”

Photo 2: Woman ripping chains. “-elf from the yoke of any oppression of it wants to badly enough. -Mao Ze Dong.” Woman pushing person away and then inset picture of their face. “I am not yours to control” in crossword type letters. “I wish we would stop killing ourselves.” Men with guns pointed down at prone man bleeding. Sheriff’s star with man being beaten by police. “Stop police brutality!!! No more Rodney King’s.” Person and American flag enveloped in smoke.

Photo 3: child wrapped in blanket, adult wrapped in blanket. Woman and child wrapped in blanket together. crowds of people walking. refugee camp tents.
Notes: part of a larger mural. details below

Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3

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