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Town Roots Oakland Is Home

townroots 1

Artist: 67 Suenos, Amend TDK
Location: Hasta Muerte, 2701 Fruitvale
Date Painted: Summer, 2016
Date Photographed: June, 2018
Description: many people standing around person pushing ice cream cart. person riding bike. person taking pictures. street with bike path: “Displacement express lane.” Each block on the street is a city that has been on the express lane: Detroit, Echo Park, New Orleans, etc.
Hand flicking away cockroaches that have houses for bodies. Flags of various social justice movements. Banner: “Gentrification drives the Color of the community.” Cactus/nopal. House/church. Colonial ship. police helicopter. Park bench with sign. Tall buildings with signs: “New luxury condos coming soon.”
BART train with graffiti: “Justice for Oscar Grant.” Man holding sign: “Community not Commodity.” Person with scraper bike.

Dedication: “We dedicate this mural to all the Black and Brown men and women who have left us due to police violence, racism, and gentrification.”
Notes: Details below

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