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Artist: @lifeslikepoetry, El Maldito, MGNS, DB Llama, @freshcoastphotos
Location: 17th at San Pablo
Date Painted: May, 2021
Date Photographed: May, 2021
Photographer: @plywoodmurals
Description: “Therapeutic.” Dripping faces. “Listen to the mushrooms.” Llama with exposed brain that looks like a baseball cap, wearing belt that looks like pieces of a machine or computer. Mouth says “Make peace with your inner demons.” Outline of a llama with “Chill bro” in the mouth. Abstract shapes and stencils. Three-eyed monster with long tongue. Speech bubbles: “Are you” “Tryna” “Heal?..” Person in mask with teeth and eyes, wearing costume with teeth, eyes and tongue.
Notes: Painted on plywood

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