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Artist: Amend TDK, Michael Muscadine, Jose Luis Parvon, Jennifer Romero, Victoria Montaño, 2Ant7, Jose Reyna, Maya, Breon, Kali, Aries, Arely Che-Kiws, Nayeli, Ashley and Ikon
Location: 33rd and Foothill
Date Painted: June, 2019
Date Photographed: February, 2020
Notes: A C.U.R.Y. J and Aztlan Beautification Movement (A.B.M.) project. It has the “They tried to bury us” quote. A lot more info about the mural here: Work in progress below:
Section is a woman holding a child that says “Dream beyond fronteras.” There is also a child sitting with a sign that says “I am a child.” There is a coffin and other signs of border and detention.