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Artist: Dave Young Kim
Location: Ohgane Korean Restaurant, 3915 Broadway
Date Photographed: 2014
Photographer: Our Oakland
Description: Portrait of 16-year old student, Yu Gwan Sun. Tiger, mountains, storks, flowers, pagoda, fire, three students talking,
Notes: More information about the mural here: Painted over around 2016. Inscription on the mural:
 As a 16-year old EWHA student, Yu Gwan Sun organized a rally after the March 1, 1919 protest that led to nationwide demonstration in Korea against foreign occupation.  To signal the start for those gathered around the pagoda that day, Yu lit a bonfire on a mountain.  A tiger approached her, and instead of consuming her, looked on her and left–a symbol of blessing.  Though soldiers killed her parents, and she died in prison, her heart for freedom lives on.

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