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Artist: Amend TDK, Eboni Stallworth, 67 Sueños and students
Location: Manzanita Seed, 2409 E.27th St
Date Painted: 2017
Date Photographed: Aug, 2020
Description: rose, leaf with kids sliding down. kid in school uniform. Portrait of Audre Lorde holding one end of a radio microphone. spider, paw print. Part of her poem “Now”:
Woman power
Black power
Human power
always feeling my heart beats
as my eyes open
as my hands move
as my mouth speaks I am
are you 
Notes: From 67 Sueños: “This mural was painted in honor of the past and present leaders who fought selflessly for equality and who dared to image a better world without violence, wars, and hatred.  This mural, then, becomes a historical reservoir for the future generations so that they may never forget the ancestors who dared to challenge the status quo so that we could experience a better tomorrow.  We honor the legacies of Palestine Freedom Fighters, Black Panthers, Farm Worker’s movement, Civil Rights movement, Women’s rights movement, Chicano movement, and so much more through this mural. We honor the diversity of communities because we want to uplift the power of International solidarity and cross-racial unity.  We hope you take an opportunity to visit and too enjoy the rich legacies and powerful hxstories reflected on this mural.” 
With Akonadi Foundation, AFSC. Special thanks to: Simone, Cindy, Juliette and Sister T