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shiloh loving god

Artist: Youth Spirit Artworks and?
Location: Shiloh Church, 3295 School St
Date Painted: 2022
Date Photographed: 2022
Description: big purple house. poppies, sunflowers. Lake Merritt with landmarks around the outside. people lying on the hill near the Fairyland sign. city hall, tribune tower, Grand Lake Theatre, Fox Theatre, pergola. people walking around the lake. BART train on raised track. 2 people sitting with arm around each other. scooter. monarch butterflies. “Loving God”
Scroll says:
We celebrate our partners who made this possible: Alameda County Food Bank, Shiloh Church, Shiloh Mercy House, Oakland City Councilmember for District 4 Sheng Tao [sic] & her team, Our Wonderful Neighbors, & the amazing, talented artists at Youth Spirit Artworks, Amiah Peterson, Eli Strieff, Griffin Musser & Theresa Panyawa. Thank you!
Notes: part of a larger mural. Details of the house, work in progress and artist information below.

shiloh house and artist info 1
mercy house wip
love feeds wip
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