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Artist: 67 Suenos, Francisco Sanchez, Azul Quetzalli, Mariza, Josh, HOPE Collaborative Youth
Location: 1254 East 12th St
Date Painted: July, 2019
Date Photographed: February, 2020
Description: This mural is dedicated to our sacred water and its protectors. Since birth through adulthood we all have the responsibility to respect, teach, and honor our sacred water. We must protect it from those who want to privatize and capitalize our right to life. In our day to day we see our agua sagrada being tainted by human kind pollutants, greed, and money. Water has the power to destroy, create, and heal. We must respect that which gives and maintains life. Lets honor MotherEarth’s QUEENDOM, her heaven, our home! 
Notes: More information and images here: There is as sign indicating “Ohlone Land Arrowhead Marsh” Work in progress below