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Roots, Spirit and Color of the American Dream


Artist: Jose Meza Velazquez with assistants Mansoor Kapasi, Aeirin Vanhala, Servando Valenzuela, América Vanessa P. Meza Velasquez, Juanita Perez Mesa Velazquez and participants Marco Lepe, Eduardo Rios, Dolores Avila, Cynthia Roman and Hannah Silk
Location: Foothill and 23rd
Date Painted: 2001
Photographer: don sorsa
Description: people dancing and playing music. Lao dancer, family seated. person in Native dress dancing. ballerina. dancers, person reading, musicians playing horns.
Notes: Sponsored by Lao Family Community Development, City of Oakland/CEDA, Neighborhood Commercial Revitalization (NCR), The San Antonio Community Development Corporation, The 23rd Avenue/East 14th Street NCR Collaborative

Our Oakland, 2014
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