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Super Hero Mural Project: Market Street Mural

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Artist: Attitudinal Healing Connection, Refa1, Westlake Middle School students, Lindsey Millikan, Javier Rocabado, Helen Bayley, Dawood Marion, Gaelen Smith, Daniel Panko, KeenA, Duane Deterville, Sydney Cain, Dorias Flagg, DJ Agana
Location: Market St and 580
Date Painted: 2014
Date Photographed: April, 2015
Photographer: William Newton
Description: From the AHC website: The mural includes these characters: Serenity is a shy but charismatic Mexican girl who lives in Oakland. Bob is a Jamaican boy who is forced to move away from his parents to live with his grandparents in Oakland in order to protect a powerful and secret family heirloom. Sasha is a gay, albino, Parisian young boy who, one day, swallows a butterfly, which transforms his skin to glow gold, permanent tattoos. Paris is a 103 year-old Unicornian who takes the form of a 17 year-old human girl, from a far-away planet called Unicornia.
Notes: Tons of info and WIP here: Details below

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William Newton, 2014
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William Newton, 2014