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Oakland International High School: OIHS est. 2007

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Artist: OIHS students and CCA students. CCA Instructor Eduardo Pineda with CCA students: Kristen Adam, Quintin Boucher, Jeffrey Bussey, Nathan Chandler, Grace Chen, Lujac Desautel, Tito Jimenez, Ki Eun Jung, Jin Na Kim, Theo Kolker, David Marsh, Caroline McKown, Marlena Mendoza, Timothy Pearlstine. OIHS Instructor: Brooke Toczlowski (Ms Brooke), with OIHS students Henry, Nagi, Viany, Luis, Alisson, Day Day, Klee Htoo, Angel, Silvia, Hser, Gay, Evelin, Mauricio, Brandon, Stefany, Herbert, Mariam, Yeybi, Aye Paw, Sara, Mayay, Salahuddin, Kassandra, Priscila, Jahrna
Location: Oakland International High School, 4521 Webster
Date Painted: 2014
Date Photographed: March, 2022
Description: map of countries not in their accurate positions, with key of which continent they actually belong to. Banner: OIHS est. 2007
Notes: Artist information below. Special thanks to Co-principal Sailaja Suresh, Co-principal Carmelita Reyes, Shahrzad Makaremi, Mark Cavalli, Megan Clark and Aaron McKenzie.

mk30, 2015
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