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Artist: CCA students
Location: Lafayette Square, near Martin Luther King and 11th
Date Painted: 2013
Date Photographed: 2015
Photographer: Jay Galvin
Description: banner: Oakland, in front of apartments with people holding signs out the window. “Support,” “Acceptance.”
Notes: sky contains lyrics from songs: tee shirts on clothes line spell “Community.” two birds holding “Cheer.” palm trees.

Duke Ellington, I didn’t know about you:
I ran around with my own little crowd
The usual laughs, not often, but loud
And in the world that I knew
I didn’t know about you
Chasing after the ring on the merry-go-round
Just taking my fun where it could be found
And yet what else could I do?
I didn’t know about you

Frank Sinatra, Pennies from heaven:
You’ll find your fortune’s fallin’, baby, all over the town
Be sure, be sure that your umbrella is upside down

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