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Artist: Xochitl Nevel Guerrero with Roberto Guerrero, Allison Santiago, Dime, Susanne Takehara, Yadira Casares, Oscar Cisneros, Toni Rodriguez, Aurora Sarabia, Ana G. Aviles, Maria Sanchez, Valerie Medina, Yazmin Madriz & Native Health Center Youth
Location: 1200 block 23rd Ave
Date Painted: 2019
Date Photographed: April, 2020
Description: women and child being cradled by hands, hands breaking out of chains, cacti, “Mujer libre,” “rebirth,” “breaking the chains of silence and bondage,” two women holding “Mujeres unidas y activas” sign
Notes: Sponsors: Eastside Arts Alliance, NAKA Dance Theater, Ra Foundation, Hewlett Foundation & Friends
Work in progress below