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embassy scaled

Artist: Caleb Duarte with Gabriela Ramos, Francisco Domingo, Maria Gomes, Erick Aguilar, Micaela Pablo, Mari Martinez, Brandon Pablo M. German Pablo and Eddy Cuyuch
Location: 2nd and Broadway
Date Painted: May, 2018
Date Photographed: June, 2019
Description: person pushing shopping cart with city on top. “Embassy of the refugee coming soon.” “We are people. We are Guatemalan. We are immigrants.”
Notes: Part of a much larger mural, pictured below, along with work in progress. Other panels said “Embassy of the refugee,” flag. people carrying long pink ladder. “Sigue en pie.” More information about the mural and related production here: This mural has been painted over

Our Oakland, 2018
Our Oakland, 2018
Our Oakland, 2018
Our Oakland, 2018
Our Oakland, 2018
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