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La Clínica de la Raza


Artist: Ernesto Olmos with the Youth Brigade
Location: 1500 block of Fruitvale
Date Painted: 2005
Photographer: Steve Rhodes
Description: two hands, palms out. Words in streamers: dishonesty, community, violence, education, ignorance, integrity, selfishness, health. turtle with globe/earth for shell. eagle. farm and farmers. cactus/nopal. fruit. Tree with people as part of the trunk.
A scroll on the right has the names of the youth involved in painting the mural: Jhovanny G., Mario Mollinedo, C.M.-V.R., Mayra Garibay, Maria Francisco, R[???], Davila [??], Juan C. Arreola, America Rodriguez, Karen Franco, Adrian Bar[??], Jeronimo Salvador, Anabel Terrazas, Michelle G, Francisco F., Edwin Rodriguez, Cristina Lopez, Pedro F and more.
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