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Artist: Matt Hunter
Location: 14th and Broadway
Date Painted: August, 2020
Date Photographed: August, 2020
Photographer: @plywoodmurals
Description: portrait of Boots Riley
Notes: painted on plywood. note from the artist:
“A living memorial to the one and only @bootsriley. I’ve been a long time fan and admirer of Boots. He is revolutionary through and through. From music to activism to filmmaking, Boots is an original diamond in the ruff. He offers solutions through his creativity.

I often question the roll art plays in this human experience of ours. One thing I do know is that images can inspire, they can motivate, they can bring about change. But images are only as powerful as the stories they represent and Boots is a powerful story teller and ambassador to the city of Oakland. All the respect to you Boots. Thank you for the wisdom. Always looking forward to what you are putting out next.

Listen to “Fat cats Bigga fish”

Watch “Sorry to Bother You”

Follow him on Instagram.”

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