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Black Trans Lives Matter / Lxs vidxs negrxs trans importan

fvsblacktranslives matter

Artist: @womynwarior, Tijuana Kozmonaut
Location: Fruitvale Station
Date Painted: June, 2020
Date Photographed: June, 2020
Description: cactus- fruit is portraits of trans people killed by police and their ages: Riah Milton, Monika Diamond, Tony McDade, Dominique Fells, Lexi Sutter, Nina Pop. “Black trans lives matter. Lxs vidxs negrxs trans importan.”
Notes: painted on plywood. part of the George Floyd protests. With the Unity Council. Work in progress below. This mural has been taken down. It was featured in an exhibit at Peralta Hacienda before being taken down.

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