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Artist: @sheaandsampaguita/
Location: 14th and Broadway
Date Painted: June, 2020
Date Photographed: June, 2020
Description: wheatpaste of George Floyd surrounded by the words of “Autumn” by Brandon Banks..

[Verse 1]
Man in the mirror
You look so different
Then what they see
Who are you lying to be
Blood on my hands
Ice in my veins
Pride on my heart (yeah, yeah)
But love in my mind(yeah)
Life in October
These days my friends falling like the autumn leaves
These days I say no prayers for my enemies
These days I’m never asking for forgiveness

Autumn everything falls out of order
Wind blow through my window lift my heart up
Red hue in my sky view keep me caught up
Van Ness to the bayou where we started
Mind roam through the time zone reaching farther
Cry now memories found feel like bondage
Wrapped up in the past love feel like anchors
Sadness turn to madness am I crazy

[Verse 2]
Magnifying glass
Searching through my life
Amplify my scars
My visions black and white
Sky is falling down I
Catch it on my back
I fight I fight I hold it all at
Bay when I recognize who I am
I am a god, I am a king, I triumph
Visionary, I can move a mountain
You are a queen, you birth a world of wonders
Don’t let the mental demons take you under

Notes: Part of the George Floyd protests. video of the song below