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Artist: Juana Alicia, East Bay Institute for Urban Arts, and Laney College Students: Aaron Angress, Madeline Bair, Brandon Day, Chris Davis, Shoshana Den-Macker, Chris Durazo, Fantumex (x), Michelle Garcia, Juan Hernandez, Sophie Hou, Ivan Iturriaga, Chi Kong, Joanne Ludwig, Safari, Melissa Silver, David Telles, Lisa von Blanckensee, and Dorian Wells.
Location: United For Success (FKA Calvin Simmons), 2101 35th Ave
Date Painted: 1997
Date Photographed: 2022
Photographer: @muralsofoakland
Description: street sign- “Musica” and “Arte.” old car. buildings and music notes. symphony director (Calvin Simmons) wearing “Free Mumia” shirt. person dancing. interlocking sun and moon, ocean. lion. woman smiling. person posing/doing yoga. person playing trumpet. DJ. person writing graffiti on a pyramid: “Knowledge is power.” ancient Egyptian writing hieroglyphics on the other side of the pyramid. Stonehenge. totem poles. Easter Island heads(?). animals from Chinese Zodiac.
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