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Artist: Timothy B
Location: 1600 block Broadway
Date Painted: June, 2020
Date Photographed: June, 2020
Description: four panels. 1. Boy in straw hat with hand raised (Emmett Till?), protesters in the background, holding sign “power to the people.” 2. protesters holding signs including a pig crossed out, support black artists here, and venmo pointing to @timothybart. #SupportBlackArtists. 3. hand up, protesters holding sign “No justice, no peace.” 4. protesters holding sign “We have nothing to lose but our chains.” Quote: “The situation is tense when we can’t pay our rent. Am I robbin? Am I stealin? Man, I’m just on defense. -Osage the Great.”
Notes: Part of the George Floyd protests. Rest of the panels and work in progress below.