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Artist: center- ? right- Jennifer Li.
Location: 1800 block Telegraph
Date Painted: June, 2020
Date Photographed: June, 2020
Description: From left to right: 1. “Rest in power” with names of people killed by police. 2. Scroll with “We keep us safe. Stop brutalizing us for protesting police brutality!” Fists underneath both. 3. back of two people- king and queen. 4. Smiling faces.
info about windows on sides from the artist: “I wrote “Black and Brown children deserve a childhood full of joy and innocence, free of darkness, pain, or violence.”

I tried to make a more positive version of a piece I had done in 2014 that I had made out of anger and frustration.

The flowers used in this mural all symbolize innocence or joy: daisies, felicia, freesia, lilac, bugle lilies, and chrysanthemums. Sorry for potato quality for some of the photos.”
Notes: Part of George Floyd protests. Work in progress below. The mural was later updated, as pictured below.