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Super Hero Mural Project: West Wall

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Artist: Attitudinal Healing Connection, Lindsey Millikan, DJ Agana, Cristian Munoz, Pancho Peskador, Sydney Cain Ryan Pera, Angel Perez, David Platford, KeenA, Joevic Yeban
Location: West St and 580
Date Painted: January, 2018
Date Photographed: May, 2018
Photographer: William Newton
Description: From the AHC website: The mural includes these characters: Fantastic Girl is from New Mexico. After her mom gave her a necklace, she got special powers like telekinesis, seeing into the future, money power which she uses to help people so they don’t have to steal, and making water and soap appear for cleaning the community. She also uses her water power to grow food to help feed the homeless. The Lava Twins, Lava Boy and Lava Girl, become superheroes after sipping a magic potion and being burned by lava in a volcano. Lava Girl got the super powers of shooting lava out of her hand, flight and lava vision. The lava vision can turn guns into chocolate bars that, when eaten, turn bad guys into good guys. Lava Boy got the super powers of turning guns into stone, and he shoots love lava, which turns bad guys into good guys. Golden Boy was born in New York and lives in the Golden Kingdom. He touched a coin in a cave and received the super powers ofelectric force field and electric vision, golden shield, heat vision and speed. D-Bow Jalapeño has origins in Saturn but was born in Nacho City when Saturn became too cold to live on. After his dad did a super hero experiment with him and a shot of superhero blood got on him, he got the super powers of telekinesis, being invisible, super speed to get to people who are in trouble in a hurry, super strength to pick up heavy things like trash, sending nacho cheese and water balls out of his hands to put out fires and make guns not work.

Notes: Close ups and work in progress below:

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William Newton, 2018
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William Newton, 2018
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